What is Tunnel Creek Station?

Tunnel Creek Station (on the north shore of Lake Tahoe) is the new headquarters of Flume Trail Bikes (relocating from their original location at Spooner Lake.)

It is also the home to Tunnel Creek Café, which serves healthy breakfasts, coffee and other beverages in the morning, and panini sandwiches, wraps, beer, wine, smoothies and assorted beverages in the afternoon.

Make Tunnel Creek Station your starting point to hiking and/or biking in the nearby trails of Tahoe's mountains in and around Nevada State Park. Consider it a place to relax and share your adventures with like-minded people who enjoy the back country of Lake Tahoe.

For more info & schedules, call Flume Trail Bikes: 775-298-2502

Adventure-Planning Tips

Make the most of your stay in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Whether you're ready to embrack on an adventure, or fresh of the trail from the one you've just finished, our staff will be happy to discuss ideas for where to go and what to do tomorrow. Whether it's your first time visiting Lake Tahoe, if you're a veteran vacationer, or even a long time local - Tunnel Creek Station exists as a backcountry information outpost and trailhead to help you plan new adventures all around the Lake, as well as the surrounding region.

Our local knowledge will help you find hidden gems all around the region, be it little known trails, quiet beaches, great kayaking or river rafting, cool camping spots, and a lot more.

More Than Just Summer Fun ...

Tunnel Creek Station will be open year round! As the seasons change, so will the opportunities for different outdoor activities. Find out about great restaurants, places to stay, learn about the rich history of the Lake and the towns surrounding it ... Tunnel Creek Station IS your gateway to adventure!

Our Location

Tunnel Creek Station is located at 1115 Tunnel Creek Road in Incline Village, Nevada (On the Old Ponderosa Ranch, at Highway 28 and Ponderosa Ranch Road.) For more information, schedules, etc., call Flume Trail Bikes: 775-298-2502